Sample Images From My Stock Catalog

Red-billed Firefinch 'Lagonosticta senegala'
Laughing Kookaburra 'Dacelo novaeguineae' South Australia
Yunta Sunset, South Australia
turquoise specimen
Yellow Macaw
Thai sunset, Phuket
Fluorite cubic crystals
Turquoise pendant
Citrine gemstone
Scallop shell
Citrine crystal
Rose quartz heart
Jade vase
Peacock, Pavo cristatus
Chrysoprase crystal mass
Nephrite jade vase carving
Blue Tourmaline gemstone
Sundew, 'Drosera', South Australia
Citrine gemstone
Island beach, Southern Thailand
Imperial jade carving on black background
Carnelian carved angel figurine
Rhodolite garnet gemstone
Amethyst Buddha carving

Stock Photography

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Some Photos From My Portfolio

Laughing Kookaburra, 'Dacelo novaeguineae'
Hoverfly, 'Melangyna viridiceps' close-up on flower
Regent Parrot

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