If you're fed up with discount pricing, high commissions and open-ended licensing... you're not alone.

Mainstream stock photography has become a high-volume low-margin distribution machine that many photographers won't be a part of... but there are genuine alternatives that are still photographer-friendly!

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Three common mistakes you absolutely must avoid if you're serious about building a profitable business selling stock photography.

The big secret mainstream stock photography doesn't want you to know... this a lie you've probably been told over and over, but it's just not true.

How to access more alternative ideas & practical strategies you can take with you and implement in your own photography business today.


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Frequently Asked New Photographer Questions

I'm not a Professional Photographer?

Good news… we don’t require previous business experience. As long as you shoot strong, interesting images and your attitude is totally professional, we’ll work with you and get you up to speed on the business of selling your photography ASAP.

Why do I need to register to get access?

We do things quite differently to the mainstream stock libraries and while we’re happy to share our ideas & strategies, we do need to limit access to EXPERIENCED photographers who are SERIOUS about selling their photography with us to keep it manageable. The registration step simply helps make that happen. There’s no cost or obligation, but we do want you to think it through .

Can't you just look at my photos on my website?

To give you a useful assessment we really need to review your work in the context of a ‘stock’ submission. Most people will have some great photos on their website, but they won’t all be ‘stock. So we’ll ask that you read our submission guidelines and submit a small selection of images that match our requirements. We’re looking to establish a long-term business partnership here, so you should be prepared to invest some time and effort to make that happen.

How can I tell if I'm actually I'm ready for this?

That’s OK too. Even if you’re not quite ready to start selling your photography, the information in our Photographer’s Area will help you identify any areas you need to work on so you can come back later and submit a Membership Application when you are ready.

Will it work for my subjects, style or location?

We already have amazing photographers working in almost any field or location you can imagine, so chances are this is already working for someone very much like you. Your best option though, is simple to submit an application and find out for sure.

How long does it take for a Portfolio Review?

You should allow about an hour to go through the Business Presentation and the Photographer’s Information pages to get a good understanding of how GlobalEye operates (We’re not your typical stock library!) The Photographer Application usually takes about 20-40 minutes to prepare and submit, and we’ll get back to you after that… usually within 24hrs of submitting. If everything is satisfactory, we can have you up and running 5-10 minutes after that!


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