Contributing Photographers Agreement

1. By becoming a financial subscriber of "GlobalEye", you become a MEMBER (the "Member"), and agree to be bound by this AGREEMENT (the "Agreement"). For legal purposes, The Agreement is between the Member and the parent company, "OzImages International Pty Ltd, ACN:097 115 396 (OzImages). The Agreement is subject to change by OzImages and changes are effective upon notice to each Member.

2. Membership entitles the Member to full access to all current features and services on the site. The features and services offered are subject to change without notice. The Member's images and business are promoted across a number of stock photography websites and photography-related websites, blogs and social media accounts, at OzImages discretion.

3. MEMBERSHIP IS STRICTLY ONE PHOTOGRAPHER PER SUBSCRIPTION. The Member must not load any images belonging to any other photographer to their account. The Member must not forward Photo Requests to any other photographer. If fraudulent use of an account is detected the account may be cancelled immediately without notice or refund.

4. Members are entitled to store their images on the OzImages photo database in order to promote their work, providing they meet OzImages quality and content requirements.

5. Preparation and submission of images is the responsibility of the Member.


A. The images are the legal property of the Member.
B. The images are in the physical possession of the Member.
C. The images are scans of good quality film originals, or,
D. Digital images are of sufficient quality/size that they can be printed to a standard full page at 300dpi.
E. The images are available for immediate commercial use.
F. The images meet the size, format and file size criteria of the database upload function.
G. The images are unique. Multiple loads of the same image are not permitted. Duplicate and Near-Identical images may be removed without notice or explanation.
H. The content of the images is not likely to cause offense to the majority of our visitors. Pornographic images will be removed. Illegal content will be brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities.
I. The Member is prepared to undertake usage negotiations in a professional and courteous manner with any Client, for any image the Member displays in the OzImages stock photography library.
J. OzImages reserves the right to remove any image from the library without consultation or explanation.
K. The current maximum number of images per member is 20,000. This may be altered by OzImages, changes coming into effect at each member's renewal date.

7. The Member gives OzImages permission to publish any submitted images and/or written content across it's network of websites, at Ozimages discretion, to promote the Member's images and business. Further more, the Member gives OzImages permission to publish thumbnails of submitted images and/or written content to third-party social media accounts at it's discretion, to promote the Member's images and business.

8. All care will be taken but OzImages cannot be held liable for loss of images or data from the website and/or database. The Member should maintain copies of all photo files and data to assist with restoration in the event of catastrophic failure.

9. OzImages makes no claims or promises of financial returns from membership. The member agrees financial returns will also be dependent on their personal efforts, the quality of their work and other factors outside the control of OzImages. Figures quoted on this site are offered as examples only.

10. Access to and use of the OzImages Member facilities is through a combination of a username and a password. The Member should keep their login details strictly confidential and change them regularly. If the Member elects to grant a third party access to their listings, they do so at their own risk.

11. No warranty is made by OzImages regarding any information, services, or products provided through or in connection with OzImages.

12. Except for public domain material and electronic messages, all material displayed on the OzImages is protected by copyright; belonging either to OzImages or to the respective image owners. No material on the website shall be copied, redistributed, or downloaded, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of OzImages or the respective image owner.

13. OzImages cannot guarantee that low resolution preview images will not be removed from the website without the owners permission. Currently image security measures should only be seen as a deterrent and should not be considered absolute. OzImages can accept no responsibility for any unauthorised use of any image published on the internet.

14. OzImages provides various forums that allow Members to share information with other Members, Clients and Guests. Members agree not to submit, publish, or display on the OzImages site any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, threatening, racially offensive, or otherwise illegal material.

15. OzImages reserves the right to remove any material from this site, for any reason, without explanation, but can accept no responsibility for any offense caused by such material.

16. The Member hereby warrants and represents that he or she is over the age of 18, and in all respects is qualified and competent to enter into this agreement.

17. This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the Member and the OzImages International Pty Ltd regarding the use of the Service, and supercedes all prior written and oral understandings and writings. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the provisions of this Agreement shall survive its terminations.